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LeBron James and LIFEWTR Launch $100K Grant to Help People Pursue their Life Goals

LeBron James and LIFEWTR have partnered once again to launch the "More to Life" campaign, aimed at helping individuals and communities pursue their passions, talents, and purpose. This latest collaboration will see grants awarded to deserving individuals and communities who need support to revitalize their lives, bolstered by a $100,000 commitment.

The funding will initially be allocated to students attending James' I PROMISE School, which provides education and other support to underrepresented communities. James expressed his excitement at seeing the values of community, purpose, and creativity come to life in the campaign. "The 'more' in my life is what drives me - my family, uplifting my community, and tapping into those things that bring you joy - all while supporting and inspiring others to do, and be, more along the way," he said.

This new partnership with LIFEWTR is another milestone for the premium water brand, which aims to show people how they can help them thrive, starting with whole-body hydration. Emily Boido, Senior Director Marketing, Enhanced Water Brands, said that the campaign aims to encourage people to take care of themselves and embrace their many sides in the hopes of getting more out of life.

For those interested in applying for a "More to Life" grant, the process is simple - just visit the campaign's website and submit your application. This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals and communities to receive the support they need to pursue their life goals and achieve their dreams.

LeBron James has been a prominent figure in the world of sports and entrepreneurship, but his partnership with LIFEWTR shows that he is also passionate about helping others succeed. His commitment to underrepresented communities and providing support to those in need is a testament to his dedication to social impact. The "More to Life" campaign is just one of the many ways he is using his platform to inspire others to pursue their passions and live their best lives.

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