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Femly Supplies Orphanages in Nairobi with a Year of Period Products

Femly, a company committed to providing overachieving products, education, and access to period care to end period poverty, announced today that they will be supplying a year supply of menstrual pads to orphanages in Nairobi, Kenya. This donation is part of Femly's ongoing commitment to helping those in need and providing access to period care to those who may not have it.

Femly CEO Arion Long stated, "When we launched Femly, I had no idea what this business would become. To date, we've changed the lives of over 25,000 people and even stocked restrooms with free period care at locations around the country. We are so thankful to have you along for our journey as a part of our family!"

During the day of service, Long had the opportunity to meet Esther L., who shared her personal story of not discovering disposable menstrual products until she became an adult and joined the Pendry hospitality team. Prior to this, Esther had been cutting t-shirts and other clothing to create her own menstrual products.

Long and the Femly team were humbled by the love in the room and saw the impact of their donation firsthand. "Access to period care is a right that anyone in need deserves," Long said. "We’re currently preselling our dispensers and accompanying period care to schools and universities across the country, IMPACT will be our North Star as we scale."

Femly's commitment to providing access to period care and ending period poverty is evident in their actions, and this donation is just one example of their dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of those in need.

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