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Breaking Barriers: Mielle Organics and P&G Beauty unite in a ground-breaking partnership

A new chapter is being written in the beauty industry as two powerhouses in the industry join forces. Mielle Organics, the Black woman-owned brand that has been disrupting the market with its natural hair and skin care products, and P&G Beauty, one of the industry's largest and most successful conglomerates, announced their partnership. This partnership is not only a win for both companies but also for the Black beauty industry.

Black women have been key drivers in the beauty industry, yet Black women business owners have struggled to secure funding for their ventures, with less than one percent of them able to secure a $1 million investment. This partnership between Mielle Organics and P&G Beauty is a significant step towards addressing this issue and providing more opportunities for Black women in the industry.

This partnership will bring Mielle's products to a wider audience, providing the brand with the resources to expand and innovate further. P&G Beauty's commitment to serving Black and Brown communities aligns with Mielle Organics' mission and values. P&G will serve as a partner to Mielle to provide additional resources in order to expand the brand, and partner together for further innovation.

To further safeguard its commitment to Mielle and its Black and Brown consumers across verticals, Mielle and P&G have each committed $10 million to the Mielle Cares non-profit, which provides information and resources to advance initiatives important to Black and Brown communities.

"For me, I honor those who have come before me and broken glass ceilings so I can come and shatter glass ceilings. I am creating and paving a way for those who are coming behind me to do not what I have done, but probably even better," said Monique Rodriguez, Co-Founder of Mielle Organics.

This partnership is a historic moment in the industry, not only for Mielle Organics and P&G Beauty but also for Black beauty founders and the communities they serve. It serves as an inspiration for other Black women to pursue their dreams and make a mark in the beauty industry.

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